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Workshops & Presentations

Workshop & Presentation Options Available:

1. Life Balance & Good Mental Health:  Provides education on important mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, addiction, abuse, stress management, suicide prevention, and the stigma associated with getting help. Teaches tools to assesses and attain a healthy life balance through good self-care and goal-setting.

2. Relationship Building: Helps couples to strengthen their relationship by learning valuable communication and problem-resolution skills. Addresses the 4 levels of intimacy and creating an committed marriage built on a firm foundation.

3. Anger Management: Teaches the 3 stages of managing anger including: Self Control, Communication, and Maintenance through proactive problem-resolution. Provides simple, hands-on, effective tools that create safety and harmony within couple and family relationships.

4. Overcoming Trials (Change, Grief, & Healing): Addresses the trials and hardships during each season of life. Change is inevitable throughout our journey in life and on some scale we will grieve each one. Whether it’s the loss of a job, a friend, a home, or even the death of a loved one, we can either let grief overwhelm our lives and take us down, or we can recognize the stages, understand the process, and allow change to more peacefully flow in and out of our lives.

5. Modern Parenting: Why is my child acting out and pushing my buttons? Am I proud of how I parent or are there things I want to change? Are me and my partner on the same page with our parenting style? Am I acting on the opportunities to teach healthy behaviors to my children? This workshop provides effective tools to respectfully teach children while providing discipline with logic, love, and kindness.

6. Youth: Strengthening youth with hands-on tools that aid in building self-esteem while also addressing common issues affecting teens today including: depression, anxiety, pressure & stress, anger, thoughts of self-harm and suicide, pornography, addiction, social media influences, dating, and social skills.

7. Singles: Addresses the issues, viewpoints, and roadblocks singles often face while they strive for family, life, career, and relationship fulfillment.

8. Want another topic addressed? I can tailor-make a workshop or presentation to fit your needs- call for more information today!

Painted Heart


*To schedule a tailor-made Workshop or Presentation in your area please contact:

 Tracy Grant, MA, LMFT

Colorado Counseling and Psychotherapy LLC

309 Jerry St. #101

Castle Rock, CO 80104

Phone: (720)460-1492

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